The ancients called Aloe “panacea of ​​all evils”. Of course it does not cure them all. Aloe can cure some ills on its own, and it can help to solve an illness along with a drug.

The most famous aloe is Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) and is the one on which more scientific studies have put the stamp of natural medicine.

Personally when I can avoid prescribing drugs I do it willingly.

I often solve long-standing constipation with Aloe. But do not think that if you suffer from irritable bowel or diarrhea you can not benefit from it. Aloe is considered a systemic anti-inflammatory, but even more an anti-inflammatory that acts on the gastrointestinal tract. It has not only antidiarrheal or laxative power. In reality it is a regulator of intestinal function. Many people take it without suffering from specific intestinal disorders and benefit from it, they warn that their intestine works better and the alve is more regular.

Is your nightmare gastritis? Maybe the one that comes with every change of season? This plant can help you too. Obviously when we take natural or synthetic drugs (the chemicals produced totally in the laboratory) we must never forget to look for the reason for our disorder. Any alteration of the balance of our organism leads to symptoms. For gastritis we can blame excessive stress, smoking, an ulcer caused by too many drugs. For these disorders we can take Aloe, but we have to learn how to manage emotions differently, stop smoking and treat gastric ulcer following medical prescriptions.

The same solutions may be indicated for the irritable colon.

Aloe has many other benefits.

Strengthens the immune system. If associated with the right diet, you probably will not have to fight seasonal illness during the winter.

It helps maintain good mouth hygiene. As a result, it will help us avoid even some systemic infection.

It cleanses the body of toxins … wrong food, smoke and drugs fill us with substances harmful to our body.

Aloe contains many minerals and vitamins. It helps the body to absorb the nutrients that come with food.

It help fight depression … you will tell me no, I do not believe this. In fact I said help. Even a healthy diet helps fight depression.

Surely there are other benefits that we can draw from the Aloe, but we certainly must remember to be constant. Like all natural medicines, like sun, water and meditation, they must be “taken on” with constancy and therefore for long periods to see the benefits. We can not think that if today we drink five liters of water we should not try to drink two liters a day for a month.

Aloe helps us overcome many problems and solve some unpleasant situations, but we ourselves are the panacea of ​​our ills.

Learn to cure yourselves with food, with sun, drinking water, with nature, and above all … I’ll tell you a secret … if we have all these precautions before getting sick we will have a greater effect on our organism and they will protect us from diseases. Do not wait to decide to do something. Take your life, your time, learn to have respect for your soul and your body when they are still healthy and you will see that drinking aloe will really make sense.